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2008 Presidential Candidates
What do these candidates say?
How do their campaign statements jive with what they're doing?
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(Click on a candidate below for their issue stances) Republican Primary
candidates & issues

John CoxJohn Cox
(Chair of Cook County Republican Party)
Mike HuckabeeMike Huckabee
(Arkansas Governor)
John McCainJohn McCain
(Arizona Senator & 2000 presidential contender)
Ron PaulRon Paul
(Texas Representative; 1988 Libertarian presidential nominee)
withdrawn candidates

Rudy GiulianiRudy Giuliani
(Former NYC Mayor; 2000 Senate candidate)
Duncan HunterDuncan Hunter
(California Representative)
Mitt RomneyMitt Romney
(Former Massachusetts Governor)
Fred ThompsonFred Thompson
(Former Tennessee Senator)

2008 Presidential Candidates Democratic Primary
candidates & issues
(Click on a candidate below for their issue stances)

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton
(New York Senator; former First Lady)
Mike GravelMike Gravel
(Former Alaska Senator)
Barack ObamaBarack Obama
(Illinois Senator)
withdrawn candidates

Joe BidenJoe Biden
(Delaware Senator)
Chris DoddChris Dodd
(Connecticut Senator)
John Edwards
(Former NC Senator & 2004 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee)
Dennis Kucinich
(Ohio Representative; 2004 presidential primary contender)
Bill RichardsonBill Richardson
(New Mexico Governor)

2008 Presidential Candidates Green Party and Independent
candidates & issues
(Click on a candidate below for their issue stances)

Cynthia McKinneyCynthia McKinney
(Former Georgia Representative)
Ralph NaderRalph Nader
(Former Green nominee)
Mike BloombergMike Bloomberg
(NYC Mayor)

2008 Republican Also-Rans and Never-Rans
candidates & issues
George AllenGeorge Allen
(Former Virginia Senator) Never entered race
Sam BrownbackSam Brownback
(Kansas Senator) Withdrew Nov. 2007
Jeb BushJeb Bush
(Governor of Florida): Never entered race.
Bill FristBill Frist
(Tennessee Senator): Withdrew Nov. 2006.
Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich
(Former Speaker of the House; Opted out of race, Sept. 2007)
Jim GilmoreJim Gilmore
(Former Virginia Governor; withdrew July 2008)
Chuck HagelChuck Hagel
(Nebraska Senator; undeclared but active draft movement as Independent)
George PatakiGeorge Pataki
(New York Governor): Never entered race.
Tommy ThompsonTommy Thompson
(Former Wisconsin Governor; former HHS Cabinet Secretary) Withdrew Aug. 2007
Tom TancredoTom Tancredo
(Colorado Representative) Withdrew, Dec. 2007

2008 Democratic Also-Rans and Never-Rans
candidates & issues
Evan BayhEvan Bayh
(IN Senator): Withdrew Dec. 2006
Wes ClarkWes Clark
(former NATO commander): Never entered race.
Tom DaschleTom Daschle
(Former SD Senator): Never entered race.
Russell FeingoldRuss Feingold
(WI Senator): Withdrew Nov. 2006.
Al GoreAl Gore
(Former Vice President; undeclared but active draft movement)
John KerryJohn Kerry
(MA Senator): Withdrew Jan. 2007.
Al SharptonAl Sharpton
(Reverend): Never entered race.
Tom VilsackTom Vilsack
(IA Governor): Withdrew Feb. 2007.
Mark WarnerMark Warner
(VA Governor): Withdrew Oct. 2006.

2004 Presidential Candidates
candidates & issues
What DID these candidates say?
(Click on a candidate below for their issue stances)

Michael Badnarik
(Libertarian Party presidential nominee)
George W. Bush
(President & Republican nominee)
Peter Camejo
(Reform Party Vice-Presidential nominee)
Dick Cheney
(Vice President & Republican nominee)
David Cobb
(Green Party Presidential nominee)
John Edwards
(NC Senator & Democratic Vice Presidential nominee)
John Kerry
(MA Senator & Democratic Presidential nominee)
Ralph Nader
(Reform Party Presidential nominee)
Michael Peroutka
(Constitution Party Presidential nominee)

2004 Presidential Primary Candidates
Democratic primary candidates
(Click on a candidate below for their issue stances)

Carol Moseley-Braun
(Former IL Senator & Democratic primary contender)
Wesley Clark
(NATO General & Democratic primary contender)
Howard Dean
(Former VT Governor & Democratic primary contender)
Dick Gephardt
(MO Representative & Democratic primary contender)
Bob Graham
(FL Senator & Democratic primary contender)
Dennis Kucinich
(OH Representative & Democratic primary contender)
Al Sharpton
(Reverend, Civil Rights activist, & Democratic primary contender)