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Reverend; Civil Rights Activist; Democratic Candidate for President:
Al Sharpton on the Issues

Al Sharpton on Abortion

  • Women can choose about their life and their body. (Nov 2003)
  • Conserve Roe v. Wade. (Mar 2003)
  • Abortion is wrong, but let women choose. (Jan 2002)
  • His Supreme Court nominees will allow right to choose. (Jan 2002)

Al Sharpton on Budget & Economy

  • Focus on mass employment instead of big business. (Jan 2004)
  • Average Americans are doing their share. (Oct 2003)
  • Job development is critical to economy. (Sep 2003)
  • Repeal virtually all of the Bush tax cuts. (Jun 2003)

Al Sharpton on Civil Rights

  • Reparations based on Lincolnís promise of 40 acres & a mule. (Jul 2004)
  • Bush might reverse the gains of civil and women rights. (Jul 2004)
  • We cannot treat people of different cultures as inferior. (Jul 2004)
  • People in Baghdad can vote but people in DC canít. (Jul 2004)
  • Patriot Act is J. Edgar Hooverís dream. (Feb 2004)
  • Donít let states deal with gay rights-equal federal rights. (Feb 2004)
  • Confederate flag must be down everywhere. (Jan 2004)
  • Flag burning is distasteful, but itís free expression. (Jan 2004)
  • Dangerous precedent to leave gay rights to the states. (Jan 2004)
  • No people of color in Deanís cabinet-should import talent. (Jan 2004)
  • Just talking about race is trivializing the issue. (Jan 2004)
  • Get young people involved in the election process. (Jan 2004)
  • Banning gay marriage says gays are less than human. (Nov 2003)
  • Deanís Confederate flag comment stereotypes Southern Whites. (Nov 2003)
  • Confederate flag: speak to whites & be sensitive to blacks. (Nov 2003)
  • Discuss racial differences, even if unpopular. (Sep 2003)
  • Equal protection under the law, not racial polarization. (May 2003)
  • Confederate flag should only be seen in a museum. (May 2003)
  • Supports reparations and affirmative action. (Feb 2003)
  • Will continue to work for racial equality. (Feb 2003)
  • Supports gay rights-let people choose to sin or not. (Jan 2002)
  • Let gays and lesbians adopt. (Jan 2002)
  • Patriot Act is unpatriotic illegitimate legislation. (Jun 2003)

Al Sharpton on Corporations

  • Corporate misdeeds came from runaway deregulation. (Sep 2003)
  • Favors fines when companies export jobs. (Sep 2003)
  • People are told to serve country-companies should do same. (Sep 2003)

Al Sharpton on Crime

  • Giulianiís tone allowed Louima police brutality. (Jan 2007)
  • NYPD ďcowboyĒ unit disbanded after Diallo shooting. (Jan 2007)
  • States rights are dangerous when applied to death penalty. (Feb 2004)
  • Opposed to death penalty under any circumstances. (Jan 2004)
  • End the death penalty-discriminatory, non-deterrent, wrong. (Jan 2004)
  • Prison programs for job skills & drug rehab. (Jan 2004)
  • Tawana Brawley case was about standing up for a victim. (Nov 2003)
  • Only candidate opposed to death penalty. (Feb 2003)
  • Focus on prevention instead of Three Strikes. (Jan 2002)
  • Itís no coincidence that the wealthy donít get executed. (Jan 2002)

Al Sharpton on Drugs

  • Dorismond drug shooting shook the family by accusing victim. (Jan 2007)
  • Never smoked marijuana, because he grew up in the church. (Nov 2003)
  • Something wrong with mandatory time for drug users. (Jan 2002)

Al Sharpton on Education

  • Two Americas divided by race and language, not just wealth. (Feb 2004)
  • Vouchers are a gradual step toward privatization. (Jan 2004)
  • Supports HJR29, right to equality of education for all. (Apr 2003)
  • Education should be a constitutional right. (Apr 2003)
  • Supports school prayer, but donít impose it. (Jan 2002)

    School Choice

  • GOP plan is to use vouchers to reduce education funding. (May 2003)
  • Supports public education, not vouchers. (Jan 2003)

Al Sharpton on Energy & Oil

  • Raise CAFE standard from 27.5 mpg to 33, and 25 for SUVs. (Jan 2004)
  • Cap CO2 emissions and re-enter Kyoto discussions. (Jun 2003)
  • Build hybrid vehicles; raise CAFE to 45 mpg. (Jun 2003)

Al Sharpton on Environment

  • Fight hard for environmental justice. (Jun 2003)
  • Safe and sustainable environment creates jobs. (Jun 2003)
  • Religious mandate to be good stewards of what God has given. (Jun 2003)

Al Sharpton on Families & Children

No stance on record.

Al Sharpton on Foreign Policy

  • Haiti is in crisis because we blocked infrastructure aid. (Feb 2004)
  • Trade & aid over military-super-help over superpower. (Jan 2004)
  • Use UN & trade to move Iran toward democracy, not military. (Jan 2004)
  • Participate as partners with UN in Iraq. (Dec 2003)
  • Consistent foreign policy, and allies, are important. (Mar 2003)
  • We deal with China, so letís deal with Cuba. (Jan 2002)

Al Sharpton on Free Trade

  • Cancel NAFTA rather than renegotiate it. (Feb 2004)
  • Labor standards should not cost American workers jobs. (Jan 2004)
  • Disagreed with NAFTA under Clinton AND under Bush. (Sep 2003)
  • Against NAFTA; donít sacrifice environment to economy. (Jun 2003)
  • Repeal NAFTA and GATT: too business-friendly. (May 2003)

Al Sharpton on Government Reform

  • Need to monitor touch-screen voting machines. (Nov 2003)
  • Count the DC primary like other primaries. (Nov 2003)
  • Every American should have equal access to vote. (Jun 2003)
  • Constitutional amendment on voting rights-remove from states. (May 2003)
  • GOP plan is to reduce government by bankrupting it. (May 2003)

Al Sharpton on Gun Control

  • Require background checks, licensing, and fingerprinting. (Jan 2004)
  • Supports federal gun licensing & registration. (May 2003)

Al Sharpton on Health Care

  • Wealthy Americans should pay more for Medicare. (Jan 2004)
  • Other plans are step in the right direction of single-payer. (Jan 2004)
  • Avoid privatized health system. (Jan 2004)
  • Forget half-a-loaf--support single-payer. (Sep 2003)
  • Right to health care, to education, and to vote. (May 2003)
  • Believes in constitutional right to health care. (May 2003)
  • Guarantee health care with Constitutional amendment. (Apr 2003)

Al Sharpton on Homeland Security

  • Ordinary NYers are 9/11 heroes; Giuliani just did his job. (Jan 2007)
  • Blame the terrorists, not the Islamic religion. (Jan 2004)
  • Eliminate Funding for national missile defense. (Jan 2004)
  • Submit to a world body to combat the terrorists. (Nov 2003)
  • Cut defense budget, even if unpopular. (Sep 2003)
  • Military increases have nothing to do with terrorism. (Jan 2002)

Al Sharpton on Immigration

  • Relax Mexican border to match Canadian border. (Jan 2004)
  • Current immigration law is discriminatory. (Jan 2003)
  • Immigration system is archaic & biased against Latinos. (Jan 2002)

Al Sharpton on Jobs

  • Raise minimum wage to at least $7.15. (Jan 2004)
  • Institutional discrimination still hinders minorities. (Jan 2004)
  • Create jobs that are necessary. (Jan 2004)
  • Spend $250 billion in 5 years to create jobs. (Nov 2003)
  • Need federal laws to protect workers, not state-by-state. (May 2003)
  • On picket lines & in jails for 35 years for workers rights. (May 2003)

Al Sharpton on Principles & Values

  • Living up to the promise of America is not a partisan issue. (Jul 2004)
  • Family values are not just car garages and a retirement plan. (Jul 2004)
  • Top Ten: Raise issues that would otherwise be overlooked. (Mar 2004)
  • Hosts Saturday Night Live: ďI hope America laughed togetherĒ. (Dec 2003)
  • His activism is all about equal opportunity under the law. (Nov 2003)
  • Practice religion personally and practice governing publicly. (Nov 2003)
  • Most important in VP is shared vision and policy agreement. (Nov 2003)
  • Galvanize the Dem base by registering urban blacks. (Nov 2003)
  • Better to be a new Democrat than an old GOP-like Democrat. (Sep 2003)
  • Favorite song: ďTalking Loud, Saying NothingĒ about GOP. (Sep 2003)
  • We need a new director and a new direction. (Sep 2003)
  • Weíre in a civil war over rejection of votes, from FL to CA. (Sep 2003)
  • On black vote: turn people on, then turn people out. (Sep 2003)
  • I want to privatize only one thing: privatize George Bush. (May 2003)
  • His newly registered voters help other Dems. (May 2003)
  • We donít just need a new director; we need a new direction. (May 2003)
  • Will tackle real issues like economy. (Mar 2003)
  • Represents progressive wing of Democratic Party. (Feb 2003)
  • Focused on listening to marginalized people. (Jan 2003)

Al Sharpton on Social Security

  • More financing for Social Security in its current form. (Jan 2004)
  • Faster economic growth will save Social Security. (May 2003)

Al Sharpton on Tax Reform

  • Weíve read Bushís lips-he lied, and hiked taxes. (Sep 2003)
  • Bush tax cuts make us victims of a war of mass distraction. (May 2003)
  • Bush isnít cutting taxes, heís shifting taxes. (May 2003)
  • Repealing tax cut isnít raising taxes; itís saving America. (May 2003)
  • Would repeal all Bush tax cuts. (May 2003)

Al Sharpton on War & Peace

  • Bush misled us on Iraq. (Jul 2004)
  • The premise for the Iraqi war was changed after our losses. (Jul 2004)
  • Day 1: Bring the troops home. (Jan 2004)
  • UN-based multilateral redevelopment plan for Iraq. (Nov 2003)
  • Bush wrong to wage war in Iraq-bring troops home now. (Oct 2003)
  • No on $87B for Iraq-donít chase bad investment with more. (Sep 2003)
  • Bush has failed at promised task of capturing bin Laden. (Sep 2003)
  • Bush has still not presented evidence for Iraq war. (Sep 2003)
  • Bush doctrine is dangerous and un-American. (Jun 2003)
  • Challenge Bush on the war on Iraq. (Jun 2003)
  • Bushís unilateral foreign policy is short-sighted. (May 2003)
  • Focus on 50 states we already occupy before occupying Iraq. (Apr 2003)
  • Bush failed to find WMD, Hussein, Bin Laden. (Apr 2003)
  • Would work with allies to avoid war. (Mar 2003)
  • Would go after those who attacked us, not Hussein. (Mar 2003)

Al Sharpton on Welfare & Poverty

  • Focus welfare on child care & low-income housing. (Jan 2004)