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2004 former Independent Challenger for CA Governor:
Arianna Huffington on the Issues

Arianna Huffington on Abortion

  • Strongly pro-choice; woman's right to choose. (Aug 2003)

Arianna Huffington on Budget & Economy

  • Gloom and doom statistics are hurting California. (Sep 2003)

Arianna Huffington on Civil Rights

  • Patriot Act erodes civil liberties that we have fought for. (Apr 2004)
  • Prop 54 is racial discrimination without a paper trail. (Sep 2003)
  • For giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. (Sep 2003)
  • Prop 54 is racial discrimination without a paper trail. (Sep 2003)
  • Supports same-sex marriage under equal protection clause. (Sep 2003)
  • Supports same-sex unions with full rights. (Aug 2003)
  • Supports affirmative action wholeheartedly. (Aug 2003)
  • Prop. 54 is a racist gag order. (Aug 2003)
  • Live the Ten Commandments, instead of posting in schools. (Jul 2000)

Arianna Huffington on Corporations

  • Corporate criminals are treated with kid gloves. (Apr 2004)
  • Three Strikes and you're out for corporate felons. (Sep 2003)

Arianna Huffington on Crime

  • Philosophically opposed to the death penalty. (Sep 2003)
  • Roll back $1B prison guard pay raise: books, not bars. (Aug 2003)
  • Moratorium on capital punishment based on racial disparity. (Aug 2003)
  • Mandatory minimum sentencing is cowardly. (Jul 2000)
  • Investigate anti-depressantsí role in school shootings. (Jul 2000)

Arianna Huffington on Drugs

  • Supports medical marijuana; fight Bush to keep Prop 215. (Sep 2003)
  • Drug War is a disaster: need more prevention. (Jul 2000)

Arianna Huffington on Education

  • Not a strong America if 8th graders can't read. (Apr 2004)
  • Prop 49 was nothing but a photo-op initiative. (Sep 2003)
  • Books, not bars: fund teachers, not prisons. (Sep 2003)
  • Davis inappropriately spending $18M on ACLU school lawsuit. (Sep 2003)
  • Equalize funding for charter schools to raise teacher pay. (Sep 2003)

Arianna Huffington on Energy & Oil

  • Stress fuel efficiency; invest in clean & renewable energy. (Aug 2003)

Arianna Huffington on Environment

No stance on record.

Arianna Huffington on Families & Children

  • Promoting marriage is not a proper role of government. (Apr 2004)

Arianna Huffington on Foreign Policy

No stance on record.

Arianna Huffington on Free Trade

No stance on record.

Arianna Huffington on Government Reform

  • Higher campaign donation limit gives more influence to rich. (Apr 2004)
  • GOP doesn't scale back government-just reallocates. (Apr 2004)
  • People donít vote because politicians donít care. (Jul 2000)
  • Politics by polls is not leadership: end phone polling. (Jul 2000)
  • Make all political donations anonymous, like ballots. (Jul 2000)
  • Mandated donor anonymity would dry up PAC influence. (Jul 2000)
  • Open up voting, ballots, and debates. (Jul 2000)

Arianna Huffington on Gun Control

  • More gun restrictions and more enforcement of gun laws. (Sep 2003)
  • Favors all the gun control we can get. (Jul 2000)

Arianna Huffington on Health Care

  • SB-2: Half-baked measures leave 3 million uninsured. (Sep 2003)
  • Stop platitudes about fraud-issue is 6 million uninsured. (Sep 2003)
  • Tobacco Bill was bought & paid for by Big Tobacco. (Jul 2000)
  • AIDS drugs show industry focus on profit over health. (Jul 2000)

Arianna Huffington on Homeland Security

  • Funds going to rebuild Iraq; schools needed for US schools. (Apr 2004)

Arianna Huffington on Immigration

  • Respect illegal immigrant rights-they're not terrorists. (Sep 2003)
  • Drivers license to illegal immigrants this bill & every bill. (Sep 2003)
  • Supports immigrant rights. (Aug 2003)

Arianna Huffington on Jobs

  • Supports required overtime as corporate fraud protection. (Sep 2003)
  • Supports right to organize and local living wage. (Aug 2003)

Arianna Huffington on Local Issues

No stance on record.

Arianna Huffington on Principles & Values

  • Supports the Democratic nominee as the only way to beat Bush. (Apr 2004)
  • Ran "Shadow Conventions" coinciding with Dems' and GOP's. (Apr 2004)
  • Will she run again? Unequivocally "Maybe". (Apr 2004)
  • Supports Green values but not Green presidential votes. (Apr 2004)
  • Recall not a question of right or left-it's right or wrong. (Sep 2003)
  • Cruz is assassinator of 2003, stopping independent election. (Sep 2003)
  • Mother state: good schools, and healthy safe world. (Sep 2003)
  • Itís time to overthrow a rotten government system. (Jul 2000)
  • Dems & GOP are identical cousins. (Jul 2000)

Arianna Huffington on Social Security

No stance on record.

Arianna Huffington on Tax Reform

  • Estate tax repeal damages philanthropic organizations. (Apr 2004)
  • Repeal car tax by cutting prisons & taxing oil & tobacco. (Sep 2003)
  • Big business should carry fair share of the tax burden. (Aug 2003)
  • Full assessment of commercial property; more corporate tax. (Aug 2003)

Arianna Huffington on War & Peace

  • Bush refuses to differentiate Saddam from Al Qaeda. (Apr 2004)
  • Rice won't document claim of Saddam-al Qaeda contacts. (Apr 2004)
  • Speedy fall of Baghdad proves the antiwar movement right. (Apr 2004)
  • $150B and 3,000 casualties but no WMDs. (Apr 2004)
  • Bush knew yellowcake claim was bogus but used it anyway. (Apr 2004)
  • Iraq reconstruction should be by UN, like all other wars. (Apr 2004)

Arianna Huffington on Welfare & Poverty

No stance on record.