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Republican CA Governor:
Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Issues

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Abortion

  • Supports current family planning programs. (Aug 2003)
  • Opposes partial birth abortion. (Aug 2003)
  • Supports parental notification, with limits. (Aug 2003)
  • Pro-choice; not a cultural conservative. (Aug 2003)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Budget & Economy

  • Declaring fiscal emergency; facing insolvency within weeks. (Jan 2009)
  • Donít be economic girlie men. (Aug 2004)
  • Borrowed $4B & shifted $1B in gas tax to balance the budget. (Apr 2004)
  • Cut $1.9B in 2003 & $4.6B in 2004 after promising no cuts. (Apr 2004)
  • California is overregulated. (Sep 2003)
  • Bring business back to bring jobs back. (Sep 2003)
  • Reduce billions in waste, fraud, and abuse. (Aug 2003)
  • Impose constitutional limit on spending and balanced budget. (Aug 2003)
  • Reducing deficit is about leadership. (Aug 2003)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Civil Rights

  • Civil Rights. (Jan 2007)
  • Eliminate racial inequality in employment. (Sep 2003)
  • Against giving driverís licenses to illegal immigrants. (Sep 2003)
  • Advisor to US English, an anti-bilingual organization. (Sep 2003)
  • Keep gambling commission independent of tribes. (Aug 2003)
  • Domestic partnership but not gay marriage. (Aug 2003)
  • Supports gay rights, including adoption rights. (Aug 2003)
  • Require 90 day delay for compliance before ADA lawsuits. (May 2002)
  • Limit interstate class-action lawsuits to federal courts . (May 2002)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Corporations

No stance on record.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Crime

  • Tookie Williams insufficiently remorseful; so execution on. (Dec 2005)
  • Death penalty is a necessary and effective deterrent. (Aug 2003)
  • Keep ďThree StrikesĒ law. (Aug 2003)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Drugs

  • No legalization except for the medicinal use of marijuana. (Aug 2003)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Education

  • Inner city schools need more attention and funding. (Sep 2003)
  • Prop 49 was the responsible way to get after school programs. (Sep 2003)
  • Measure student progress and school progress. (Aug 2003)
  • Supports school prayer. (Aug 2003)
  • Prop 49: afterschool programs for all children. (Aug 2003)
  • Afterschool programs for all kids by the year 2010. (Jun 2003)
  • Supports public school choice and community control. (Aug 2003)
  • Supports limited school vouchers. (Aug 2003)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Energy & Oil

  • Pushing hydrogen as solution to terrorism AND global warming. (Oct 2005)
  • Renegotiate energy contracts to make electricity affordable. (Aug 2003)
  • Opposed to offshore oil drilling. (Aug 2003)
  • Set goal of 25% renewable energy by 2025. (Jan 2007)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Environment

  • Last year set record of 2014 wildfires burning at one time. (Jan 2009)
  • Improve our economy without impairing our environment. (Aug 2003)
  • Override federal exemption of new air pollution sources. (Aug 2003)
  • Promote watershed management to clean up bays and rivers. (Aug 2003)
  • Calls himself an environmentalist but drives a Humvee. (Aug 2003)
  • Supports grants for brownfields remediation. (May 2002)
  • Make EPA into a Cabinet department. (May 2002)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Families & Children

  • Broken homes are one of the most pressing problems. (Aug 2003)
  • Promotes the Special Olympics. (Jul 2001)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Foreign Policy

No stance on record.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Free Trade

  • Promote the Andean Free Trade Agreement. (May 2002)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Government Reform

  • Listening to Nixon speak sounded like a breath of fresh air. (Aug 2004)
  • Local governments spend money according to their needs. (Sep 2003)
  • Curb frivolous lawsuits. (Aug 2003)
  • Big government sounds too much like sluggish socialism. (Aug 2003)
  • Every good idea comes from the grassroots. (Aug 2003)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Gun Control

  • Strong supporter of the second amendment. (Aug 2003)
  • Support Brady Bill; assault weapon ban; safety locks. (Aug 2003)
  • Close the gun show loophole. (Aug 2003)
  • Iím for gun control; Iím a peace-loving guy. (Aug 2003)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Health Care

  • Froze enrollment in Healthy Families program. (Apr 2004)
  • Market competitions and reduced costs improve health care. (Sep 2003)
  • Must insure the low-income families, especially the children. (Sep 2003)
  • Tax credits for those without employee health insurance. (May 2002)
  • Tax deduction for long-term care insurance. (May 2002)
  • Support telemedicine for underserved areas. (May 2002)
  • $350 billion for prescriptions for poor seniors. (May 2002)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Homeland Security

No stance on record.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Immigration

  • Restrict illegal immigrant rights-theyíre a security risk. (Sep 2003)
  • Voted for Prop. 187, denying services to illegal immigrants. (Sep 2003)
  • Increase federal reimbursement for border enforcement. (Aug 2003)
  • Address undocumented immigrants living underground. (Aug 2003)
  • No driverís licenses to illegal aliens. (Aug 2003)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jobs

  • Workersí compensation in California is way too high. (Sep 2003)
  • Immediately reform workersí compensation system. (Aug 2003)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Local Issues

No stance on record.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Principles & Values

  • I saw communism with my own eyes. (Aug 2004)
  • Schwarzenegger wins with 48%; Bustamante 32%; McClintock 13%. (Oct 2003)
  • California government is failing the people. (Aug 2003)
  • Needs no money; so will represent ordinary citizens. (Aug 2003)
  • Needs no money; so will represent ordinary citizens. (Aug 2003)
  • It is time to return California to the people. (Aug 2003)
  • Campaigned for George Bush Senior in 1988. (Aug 2003)
  • Clinton impeachment was a waste of time and energy. (Aug 2003)
  • Individualism is incompatible with socialism. (Aug 2003)
  • Keep opportunities like he had. (Aug 2003)
  • Investigated his fatherís past; uncovered that he was a Nazi. (Aug 2003)
  • Member of the Republican Main Street Partnership . (Jan 2001)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Social Security

No stance on record.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tax Reform

  • Californians are overtaxed; find a better way. (Aug 2003)
  • Fight any attempt to roll back Proposition 13. (Aug 2003)
  • Pledges against raising taxes, except in emergencies. (Aug 2003)
  • Rescind the car tax; believes in lower taxes. (Aug 2003)
  • $12B in federal economic stimulus as state block grants. (Jan 2008)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on War & Peace

  • Terrorism is more insidious than communism. (Aug 2004)
  • You donít reason with terrorists, you defeat them. (Aug 2004)

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Welfare & Poverty

No stance on record.