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Libertarian for President; Former Democratic Senator (AK):
Mike Gravel on the Issues

Mike Gravel on Abortion

  • Fund stem cell research on existing & new embryonic lines. (Apr 2008)
  • Agreed with NARAL on 16 pro-choice votes; absent on other 7. (Jan 2008)
  • Any abortion decision should remain between woman & doctor. (Apr 2007)
  • Stem Cell research should not be limited. (Jun 2006)

Mike Gravel on Budget & Economy

  • Clinton’s 1990s military reductions created budget surplus. (May 2008)
  • Supports line-item veto; opposes signing statements. (Apr 2008)
  • Considered his bankruptcy as creditors donating to his cause. (Nov 2007)
  • Personal bankruptcy ok because money went to empower people. (Sep 2007)
  • Unequivocally Endorses The Common Sense Budget Act. (Dec 2006)
  • Make Office of Scientific Assessment to avoid cost overruns. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on Civil Rights

  • Bush’s overblown War on Terror is modern McCarthyism. (May 2008)
  • Established first in-state high school for native Alaskans. (May 2008)
  • Discontinue public college & government affirmative action. (Apr 2008)
  • Alaskan gay supporters in Harvey Milk Club. (Aug 2007)
  • Marriage preceded religion; it’s not a religious term. (Aug 2007)
  • Mainstream politicians play it safe on gay marriage. (Aug 2007)
  • First accomplishment: creating AK Human Rights Commission. (Aug 2007)
  • Straight older men are dead wrong to oppose gay marriage. (Aug 2007)
  • By next election, gay marriage could win a popular vote. (Aug 2007)
  • Civil union establish second-class citizenship for gays. (Aug 2007)
  • We must assert our rights; nobody will give them to you. (Aug 2007)
  • Dems love blacks during elections, but nothing has improved. (Jul 2007)
  • Electoral-industrial complex steals African-American votes. (Jul 2007)
  • Racism still with us in the 21st century. (Jun 2007)
  • Don’t ask don’t tell should have gone 20 years ago. (Jun 2007)
  • Unequivocally supports same-sex marriage. (Feb 2007)
  • Politicians use fear to manipulate us all. (Feb 2007)
  • Calling critics or doubters un-American is anti-patriotic. (Aug 2006)

Mike Gravel on Corporations

  • Hold accountable war-profiteers like NBC and GE. (Oct 2007)
  • Leadership fails because US is run by corporate America. (Sep 2007)
  • Corporate taxes just get passed on to consumers. (Dec 2006)
  • Purpose of economy is to meet people’s needs, not business. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on Crime

  • Eliminate the federal death penalty. (Apr 2008)
  • If you don’t have any money, you don’t get any justice. (Jun 2007)
  • Eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing laws. (May 2007)
  • Citizen Power includes abolition of the death penalty. (Jan 2007)
  • More jails don’t cut crime--must address poverty instead. (Jan 1972)
  • Stop punishment for victimless crimes: drugs, sex & gambling. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on Drugs

  • War on drugs is a total failure. (Nov 2007)
  • Supports national ban on smoking in public places. (Sep 2007)
  • Lower drinking age from 21 to 18 so soldiers can drink. (Sep 2007)
  • Allow buying marijuana at liquor stores. (Aug 2007)
  • Decriminalize hard drugs so we can treat addicts. (Aug 2007)
  • Drug War failing now, like Prohibition failed in 1920s. (Aug 2007)
  • Drugs are public health issue, not criminal issue. (Jun 2007)
  • FactCheck: Only 40% of inmates are black; not 70% as claimed. (Jun 2007)
  • War on drugs loses an entire generation to our prisons. (May 2007)
  • Legalize the use and possession of marijuana. (Feb 2007)

Mike Gravel on Education

  • Science must guide us, not religious extremism. (May 2008)
  • Supports vouchers, charters, and magnet schools. (Apr 2008)
  • No position on separation of church & state. (Nov 2007)
  • Extend school day and extend school year. (Sep 2007)
  • Our school stats fail because we’re stuck in triumphalism. (Sep 2007)
  • GovWatch: Yes, Americans are getting fatter, but not dumber. (Sep 2007)
  • Supports merit pay for teachers; make education top priority. (Aug 2007)
  • Sent kids to some private school; likes a little competition. (Jul 2007)
  • US schools fail because we’re yoked by military. (Feb 2007)
  • Citizen Power includes school vouchers. (Jan 2007)
  • Vouchers are innovative & imaginative--let’s experiment. (Jan 1972)
  • 25% bonus for teachers in hardship areas. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on Energy & Oil

  • Implacably opposed to civilian nuclear power. (May 2008)
  • Using H-bombs to build harbors is an “insane idea”. (May 2008)
  • 1971: Nuclear power causes long-term contamination. (May 2008)
  • 1971: Fought environmentalists for Alaska oil pipeline. (May 2008)
  • Institute a tax on oil. (Apr 2008)
  • Carbon tax can get us off of gasoline in 5 years. (Sep 2007)
  • Wind power is solution to oil dependency. (Sep 2007)
  • I started the nuclear critique in this country. (Apr 2007)
  • Make Global Warming a matter of national security. (Dec 2006)
  • Immediately sign the Kyoto protocol. (Nov 2006)
  • Nuclear energy is unwise because of nuclear waste. (Jan 1972)
  • Sponsored bill letting states decide on federal dams. (Aug 1979)

Mike Gravel on Environment

  • 1971 support of SST conflicted with environmentalists. (May 2008)
  • Strengthen Clean Water Act & Clean Air Act. (Apr 2008)
  • To get Americans to conserve, change the tax structure. (Jul 2007)
  • Iraq funds could build 4 million homes for Katrina victims. (Jun 2007)
  • Support a carbon tax and stop fighting wars for oil. (Jun 2007)
  • Sponsored bill for Congress to decide land use, not DOI. (Sep 1979)
  • Sponsored bill allowing tax deduction for recycling costs. (Apr 1980)

Mike Gravel on Families & Children

  • US ranks low worldwide in child literacy and child health. (Nov 2006)

Mike Gravel on Foreign Policy

  • Sanctions never work, unless regime’s victims ask for them. (May 2008)
  • 1970s self-examination of US role is needed again. (May 2008)
  • American messianism: Christianizing & democratizing abroad. (May 2008)
  • 1948: Volunteered to fight for Israeli independence. (May 2008)
  • Cold War Latin America policy was imperialistic. (May 2008)
  • Reagan did not end Cold War; Gorbachev’s reforms did. (May 2008)
  • With policy of “beggar thy neighbor,” we all become beggars. (Dec 2007)
  • Recognize Cuba; open up to Chavez in Venezuela. (Sep 2007)
  • No US troops in Darfur; Africans don’t trust US. (Jul 2007)
  • Need president with moral judgment; most don’t have it. (Jun 2007)
  • US has no important enemies, so treat world as equals. (Apr 2007)
  • Bi-lateral plus multi-lateral talks with North Korea. (Aug 2006)
  • Replace intervention with participation, not isolation. (Jan 1972)
  • US should empower UN with stand-by peace force. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on Free Trade

  • No sanctions on China or Venezuela, but no trade agreements. (Apr 2008)
  • CAFTA & NAFTA cause unemployment in Mexico & Central America. (Sep 2007)
  • Trade agreements only benefit shareholders. (Jun 2007)


  • Tariffs on China could spur worldwide economic downturn. (May 2008)

Mike Gravel on Government Reform

  • Secrecy makes democracy a sham. (May 2008)
  • Presidents often tend toward monarchy, especially during war. (May 2008)
  • 1972: Senate presented evidence for 1st time in Gravel case. (May 2008)
  • 1972: Lost Supreme Court case, United States v. Gravel. (May 2008)
  • Senators can & should reveal secret war plans with impunity. (May 2008)
  • I hate government secrecy; it only protects government. (May 2008)
  • Use political power to accomplish something. (May 2008)
  • FISA was created to check abuse of power. (May 2008)
  • Public taxpayer funding for federal candidates. (Apr 2008)
  • Incumbents blocking FEC matching funds for other candidates. (Apr 2008)
  • Public empowerment appeals to progressives & libertarians. (Nov 2007)
  • National Initiative criticized as public opinion bureaucracy. (Nov 2007)
  • Americans are getting fatter & dumber; must get empowered!. (Sep 2007)
  • Asks candidates to pledge to use existing public finance law. (Aug 2007)
  • When you use political capital, more capital flows your way. (Aug 2007)
  • Obama avoids PAC money, but takes lobbyists’ bundled money. (Jul 2007)
  • Without paper ballots, they’ll steal the next election too. (Jul 2007)
  • Congress is Constitutionally more powerful than President. (Jun 2007)
  • Congress is Constitutionally more powerful than President. (Jun 2007)
  • People protest because they cannot participate in power. (Jun 2007)
  • People protest because they cannot participate in power. (Jun 2007)
  • Institute healtharereforms by people’s National Initiative. (Mar 2007)
  • I’ve got no money; of course I’m for campaign finance reform. (Feb 2007)
  • You can be empowered to vote on issues that affect your life. (Feb 2007)
  • Repeal the Electoral College; enact federal term limits. (Dec 2006)
  • National Initiative to allow citizen law makers. (Nov 2006)
  • Start with public financing of campaigns. (Jan 1972)
  • Abolish voter registration as precondition for voting. (Jan 1972)
  • Replace electoral college with direct election. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on Gun Control

  • Doesn’t hunt, but shot moose injured by Alaskan trains. (May 2008)
  • License for concealed carry; teach firearms safety. (Apr 2008)
  • Military culture causes more gun violence. (Jul 2007)
  • Require license & training for gun ownership. (May 2007)

Mike Gravel on Health Care

  • Expand Medicare coverage & child healthcare programs. (Apr 2008)
  • Universal coverage with guaranteed equal care. (Sep 2007)
  • Reforms fail because pharma companies control Congress. (Sep 2007)
  • Everybody should have the same health care. (Sep 2007)
  • Applies lessons from his healthcare-related bankruptcy. (Sep 2007)
  • Need to do better job on treating Americans with HIV. (Aug 2007)
  • End subsidization of the insurance companies. (Jun 2007)
  • Doctors do a lot of testing today to cover their backsides. (Mar 2007)
  • Single-payer health care plan via vouchers you can add to. (Mar 2007)
  • Real reform impossible under mercantile lobbying system. (Mar 2007)
  • Reforming employer-based system keeps historical accident. (Mar 2007)
  • Vouchers provide freedom of choice and perhaps public plan. (Mar 2007)
  • President has role to energize people for preventive health. (Mar 2007)
  • Phase out Medicare and Medicaid over time. (Mar 2007)
  • Citizen Power includes universal health care. (Jan 2007)
  • Almost all developed nations provide healthcare for all. (Nov 2006)
  • We have impressive resources but need delivery to people. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on Homeland Security

  • In Congress, personified opposition to American militarism. (May 2008)
  • Soldiers die in vain if war serves only elite interests. (May 2008)
  • President’s job since WWII is pitchman for war industry. (May 2008)
  • Released full Pentagon Papers when Nixon stopped publication. (May 2008)
  • Made into Senate pariah for releasing Pentagon Papers. (May 2008)
  • Boston publisher finally printed Pentagon Papers. (May 2008)
  • Sued by Nixon in Supreme Court case. (May 2008)
  • Bush & military-industrialists rule by fear-mongering. (May 2008)
  • CIA NIE ignored in 1947 about Cold War; & in 2004 about Iraq. (May 2008)
  • 1969: Opposed early ABM anti-missile systems. (May 2008)
  • Bush’s ABMs don’t work well but do enrich insiders. (May 2008)
  • 1969: Protested nuclear bomb tests on Aleutians. (May 2008)
  • Peacetime draft militarizes the culture. (May 2008)
  • Foreign arms sales funnel money back to defense industry. (May 2008)
  • Reagan’s SDI set stage for Bush’s trashing the ABM treaty. (May 2008)
  • Need new 9/11 investigation on sources of Bin Laden’s power. (May 2008)
  • No monitoring domestic communication; no military tribunals. (Apr 2008)
  • No additional homeland security funding; no missile defense. (Apr 2008)
  • 1960s: Wept openly in Senate because US is dragged in mud. (Nov 2007)
  • I ended the draft; I stopped nuclear testing. (Sep 2007)
  • Terrorism is not a war; treat it as a criminal act. (Sep 2007)
  • We are STILL expanding our nuclear capability. (Aug 2007)
  • US has nothing to fear; fear sustains the military complex. (Aug 2007)
  • Filibustered to end the draft; but women should register. (Jul 2007)
  • Cut Pentagon by more than 15%; we’re squandering money. (Jun 2007)
  • FactCheck: Yes, Iraq money could fund 21M scholarships. (Jun 2007)
  • Threatening nukes is immoral foreign policy. (Apr 2007)
  • Fighting terrorism with a war doesn’t work. (Apr 2007)
  • US is the greatest violator of the non-proliferation treaty. (Apr 2007)
  • Filibustered the draft in ‘71, causing its expiration in ‘73. (Jan 2007)
  • Raze Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons to the ground. (Dec 2006)
  • Cut US nuclear arsenal from 10,000 to a couple hundred. (Nov 2006)
  • War on terror will fail like war on drugs & war on poverty. (Nov 2006)
  • Fight terrorism with dogged global police work. (Nov 2006)
  • Remove power to declare war from Congress-they’ve abdicated. (Apr 2006)
  • Fought & beat Nixon White House on Pentagon Papers in 1971. (Apr 2006)
  • Bush administration’s secrecy is worse than Nixon’s. (Apr 2006)
  • Cut military budget in half--we don’t need such “readiness”. (Jan 1972)
  • Government secrecy creates 1984-style state. (Jan 1972)
  • National security is no need for government secrecy. (Jan 1972)


  • Presidential imperialism feeds the arms industry. (May 2008)


  • Bush uses Patriot Act to gut international law. (May 2008)

Mike Gravel on Immigration

  • Support amnesty for illegal immigrants already working here. (Apr 2008)
  • We’re making a mountain out of a mole hill on immigration. (Dec 2007)
  • Immigration issue is national scapegoating. (Sep 2007)
  • Embarrassed at building a wall on southern border. (Sep 2007)
  • Suspend immigrant raids that separate families. (Sep 2007)
  • I’m first-generation American; we’re all immigrants. (Sep 2007)
  • Make whole country a sanctuary city. (Sep 2007)
  • I’m ashamed that we’re building a fence on southern border. (Sep 2007)
  • Make English the official language of the US. (Jun 2007)
  • Illegal immigrants come here for jobs; don’t deport them. (Jun 2006)
  • Nativists who want to fence us in are dead wrong. (May 2008)

Mike Gravel on Jobs

  • Communists helped unions end child labor & set 8-hr workday. (May 2008)
  • Support unionization; raise federal minimum wage. (Apr 2008)
  • Claims 100% rating with AFL-CIO for full legislative career. (Aug 2007)
  • Minimum wage as president OK, but we need living wage. (Jul 2007)
  • Citizens Wage: individuals share in nation’s total affluence. (Jan 1972)
  • Sponsored bill helping employees buy closing businesses. (May 1979)

Mike Gravel on Principles & Values

  • Served in US Army in the Cold War in Europe. (May 2008)
  • Withdrew from politics for 26 years, ashamed of politics. (May 2008)
  • Political career started as teen handing out campaign flyers. (May 2008)
  • Dyslexic, hence became avid political reader at a late age. (May 2008)
  • As army spy, felt rotten spying on innocent people. (May 2008)
  • Moved to pre-statehood Alaska because no political elite. (May 2008)
  • 1958: Ran for Alaska Legislature as prep for US Senate. (May 2008)
  • 1965: False promise to opponent to get House speakership. (May 2008)
  • 1980: Forced into bankruptcy by bad real estate deals. (May 2008)
  • Gadfly who’s mad as hell at Democratic Establishment. (Nov 2007)
  • Lost re-election after alienating every AK constituency. (Nov 2007)
  • Blogosphere hails Gravel/Paul ticket with cross-party appeal. (Nov 2007)
  • No-nonsense challenge to mainstream Democratic shuffling. (Nov 2007)
  • Wildcard independent run raises specter of Nader. (Nov 2007)
  • Protests being cut out of debate as free speech issue. (Oct 2007)
  • I believe in the power of love over the power of prayer. (Aug 2007)
  • Decisive moment: realizing representative gov’t is broken. (Aug 2007)
  • Leadership brings society to civic maturity on tough issues. (Aug 2007)
  • Leaders are seen as mavericks, and only later as courageous. (Aug 2007)
  • Clintons & DLC sold out the Democratic Party to Wall Street. (Jul 2007)
  • GOP lost in 2006 because they were lousy; Dems must earn ‘08. (Jun 2007)
  • Video “Fire” is metaphor for gathering & using experience. (Jun 2007)
  • Video “Rock” is metaphor for causing changes in society. (Jun 2007)
  • Did not plan on presidency, but candidates are frightening. (Apr 2007)
  • Let the people decide: Solution is with you, not leaders. (Mar 2007)
  • Achieved much in Senate, but prefers governors for president. (Feb 2007)
  • US citizens should be allowed to vote for or against laws. (Feb 2007)
  • Came in 3rd for Vice Presidential nomination in 1972. (Jan 2007)
  • Has campaigned in NH almost fulltime since April 2006. (Jan 2007)
  • Citizen Power: democracy requires participation. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on Social Security

  • Put real money in the Trust Fund & invest it properly. (Dec 2006)
  • Let beneficiaries leave surplus funds to heirs. (Apr 2006)

Mike Gravel on Tax Reform

  • Eliminate income tax so the wealthy can’t “game” the system. (Nov 2007)
  • Tax code is corrupt & serves the wealthy. (Jun 2007)
  • Wipe out the income tax! -- it’s regressive. (Feb 2007)
  • National sales tax; no exceptions; prebates for essentials. (Feb 2007)
  • Supports a national sales tax to replace IRS. (Jan 2007)
  • Repeal the income tax and close down the IRS. (Dec 2006)
  • Tax system unfairness only superceded by incomprehensibility. (Apr 2006)
  • Less regressive tax on poor; more capital gains on rich. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on War & Peace

  • Iraqis never asked for invasion; don’t shift blame to them. (May 2008)
  • 2001: Should have made deal with Saddam to fight extremists. (May 2008)
  • Unconstitutional to defund war; so criminalize it. (May 2008)
  • Iraq war was propagandized like 1898 “Remember the Maine!”. (May 2008)
  • 1960s Vietnam posed no threat to America. (May 2008)
  • Intent of War Powers Act was to stop wars like Iraq. (May 2008)
  • Neocons plotted since 1991 to overthrow Saddam. (May 2008)
  • Only morons & neocons think war achieves Mideast democracy. (May 2008)
  • Meeting with Hamas jump-starts the peace process. (Apr 2008)
  • Iran’s not a problem, never has been, never will be. (Dec 2007)
  • Make Congress vote on veto override and war will end. (Sep 2007)
  • Patraeus report is tragic charade; we all knew what he’d say. (Sep 2007)
  • Pull American troops out; it can be done in 120 days. (Sep 2007)
  • Young men & women will die because of this nation’s mistake. (Sep 2007)
  • Iran Resolution is a fig leaf to go to war with Iran. (Sep 2007)
  • Bush cooking books on Iran; resolve against invading Iran. (Aug 2007)
  • Blaming Iraqis for war problems is American imperialism. (Aug 2007)
  • Bush can’t go into Iran today because I filibustered draft. (Aug 2007)
  • Soldiers in Vietnam died in vain; now same in Iraq. (Jul 2007)
  • 2006 election was about Bush’s war; so end it. (Jun 2007)
  • Vietnam caused no dominoes; Iraq won’t either. (Jun 2007)
  • Someone who voted for the Iraq war shouldn’t be president. (Jun 2007)
  • Soldiers in Iraq are dying in vain; so just get out. (Apr 2007)
  • Iraq war was lost the day Bush invaded-make it illegal. (Apr 2007)
  • 2008 election will be decided by how Democrats handle war. (Feb 2007)
  • Bush can sign bill to end war, or he can believe in God. (Feb 2007)
  • Anyone who voted for the war should not be president. (Feb 2007)
  • Bring the troops home now. (Feb 2007)
  • Stop nuclear proliferation: the Cold War is over. (Feb 2007)
  • Immediate withdrawal from the war in Iraq. (Jan 2007)
  • Commence an immediate and orderly withdrawal from Iraq. (Dec 2006)
  • Election was mandate for peace but carnage continues for oil. (Dec 2006)
  • US creates threats to our own security by acting out of fear. (Jan 1972)

Mike Gravel on Welfare & Poverty

  • No position on faith-based initiatives. (Oct 2007)
  • US ranks low worldwide in poverty statistics. (Nov 2006)
  • Citizens Wage: $5000 income from feds to banish poverty. (Jan 1972)
  • Workfare is morally repugnant; why not “wealthwork”? (Jan 1972)