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Bo Heyward on the Issues

Bo Heyward on Abortion

  • Against abortion being used as a form of birth control. (Apr 2006)

Bo Heyward on Budget & Economy

No stance on record.

Bo Heyward on Civil Rights

  • No mandates on who companies hire. (Jul 2006)
  • People aren't born gay; no special protections needed. (Jul 2006)

Bo Heyward on Corporations

No stance on record.

Bo Heyward on Crime

  • Supports giving violent criminals harsher sentences. (Jul 2006)
  • Pedophiles deserve the death penalty. (Apr 2006)

Bo Heyward on Drugs

  • Keep drug use illegal. (Jul 2006)

Bo Heyward on Education

  • Permit school prayer, but don't force it. (Jul 2006)
  • School choice ok if done at the state level. (Jul 2006)

Bo Heyward on Energy & Oil

  • Tap our own resources and build more refineries. (Apr 2006)

Bo Heyward on Environment

No stance on record.

Bo Heyward on Families & Children

No stance on record.

Bo Heyward on Foreign Policy

  • America should leave the UN. (Oct 2006)

Bo Heyward on Free Trade

  • Free trade weakens the economy. (Jul 2006)

Bo Heyward on Government Reform

  • Much stricter limits on political campaign funds. (Jul 2006)
  • End frivolous lawsuits. (Apr 2006)
  • Supports Congressional term limits. (Apr 2006)

Bo Heyward on Gun Control

  • I strongly support gun ownership. (Jul 2006)

Bo Heyward on Health Care

  • Healthcare should be handled by states, not feds. (Apr 2006)

Bo Heyward on Homeland Security

  • Simplify the Patriot Act. (Jul 2006)
  • Give military EVERYTHING it needs. (Apr 2006)

Bo Heyward on Immigration

  • Illegal immigration is harmful to the welfare of US citizens. (Apr 2006)
  • End illegal immigrants leeching off Americans. (Apr 2006)

Bo Heyward on Jobs

No stance on record.

Bo Heyward on Principles & Values

No stance on record.

Bo Heyward on Social Security

  • Social Security should be done away with. (Apr 2006)

Bo Heyward on Tax Reform

  • Supports flat tax with no penalty for high income. (Apr 2006)

Bo Heyward on War & Peace

  • Have the guts to truly unleash our military in Iraq. (Jul 2006)

Bo Heyward on Welfare & Poverty

  • Do away with federal welfare, and rely on charities instead. (Jul 2006)