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Former Republican Senate challenger (NE):
Don Stenberg on the Issues

Don Stenberg on Abortion

  • Opposes "Abortion is a woman's right". (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Budget & Economy

No stance on record.

Don Stenberg on Civil Rights

  • Opposes "Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws". (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Corporations

No stance on record.

Don Stenberg on Crime

  • Supports mandatory Three Strikes sentencing laws. (Sep 2000)
  • Supports the death penalty. (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Drugs

No stance on record.

Don Stenberg on Education

  • Supports Organized Prayer In Public Schools. (Sep 2000)
  • Supports parents choosing schools via vouchers. (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Energy & Oil

  • Develop domestic energy to lower prices. (Jan 2006)

Don Stenberg on Environment

No stance on record.

Don Stenberg on Families & Children

  • Strong, traditional families are foundation of our culture. (Jan 2006)

Don Stenberg on Foreign Policy

  • Opposes continuing Foreign Aid to Russia, Israel, & others. (Sep 2000)
  • Opposes linking Human Rights to trade with China. (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Free Trade

  • Supports expanding Free Trade. (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Government Reform

  • Judges should not impose liberal social policies on families. (Jan 2006)

Don Stenberg on Gun Control

  • Supports absolute right to gun ownership. (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Health Care

  • Opposes More Federal Funding for Health Coverage. (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Homeland Security

  • Defeat terrorists at home & abroad. (Jan 2006)
  • Supports spending on Missile Defense ("Star Wars"). (Sep 2000)
  • Supports more spending on Armed Forces personnel. (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Immigration

  • Strengthen our borders. (Jan 2006)
  • Supports "Immigration helps our economy-encourage it". (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Jobs

  • Assist our family farmers to compete globally. (Jan 2006)

Don Stenberg on Principles & Values

No stance on record.

Don Stenberg on Social Security

  • Supports privatizing Social Security. (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on Tax Reform

  • Supports making income tax flatter & lower. (Sep 2000)

Don Stenberg on War & Peace

No stance on record.

Don Stenberg on Welfare & Poverty

  • Supports allowing churches to provide welfare services. (Sep 2000)