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Attorney General; Former Republican Senator (MO):
John Ashcroft on the Issues

John Ashcroft on Abortion

  • Opposes Roe v Wade, but accepts it as settled law. (Jan 2001)
  • Restricting abortion has been a hallmark of his career. (Jan 2001)
  • Would enforce laws against abortion clinic attacks. (Jan 2001)
  • Life begins at conception. (Jan 2001)
  • Supports “human rights amendment” against abortion. (Jan 2001)
  • Opposes all abortion, even for rape and incest. (Dec 2000)
  • Voted YES on maintaining ban on Military Base Abortions. (Jun 2000)
  • Voted YES on banning partial birth abortions. (Oct 1999)
  • Voted YES on disallowing overseas military abortions. (May 1999)

John Ashcroft on Budget & Economy

  • Helped balance budget; now pay down national debt. (Nov 2000)
  • Pay off the national debt. (Oct 1998)
  • Voted YES on prioritizing national debt reduction below tax cuts. (Apr 2000)
  • Voted NO on 1998 GOP budget. (May 1997)
  • Voted YES on Balanced-budget constitutional amendment. (Mar 1997)

John Ashcroft on Civil Rights

  • Don't scare people with phantoms of lost liberty. (Apr 2004)
  • USA Patriot Act is respectful of civil liberties. (Nov 2003)
  • As Attorney General, upholds law; no longer an advocate. (Jan 2001)
  • No American should suffer based on skin color. (Jan 2001)
  • Opposed Ronnie White on qualifications, not on skin color. (Jan 2001)
  • Against affirmative action. (Dec 2000)
  • Blocked appointment of black judge in Missouri. (Dec 2000)
  • Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. (Jun 2000)
  • Voted NO on setting aside 10% of highway funds for minorities & women. (Mar 1998)
  • Voted YES on ending special funding for minority & women-owned business. (Oct 1997)
  • Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Sep 1996)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. (Sep 1996)
  • Voted YES on Amendment to prohibit flag burning. (Dec 1995)

John Ashcroft on Corporations

No stance on record.

John Ashcroft on Crime

  • No racial bias in Garza execution nor in federal system. (Jun 2001)
  • Opposes any further delays in McVeigh’s execution. (Jun 2001)
  • Oversaw 7 executions as Governor of Missouri. (Dec 2000)
  • Tougher school rules keep schools safe. (Nov 2000)
  • Voted NO on $1.15 billion per year to continue the COPS program. (May 1999)
  • Voted YES on limiting death penalty appeals. (Apr 1996)
  • Voted YES on limiting product liability punitive damage awards. (Mar 1996)
  • Voted YES on restricting class-action lawsuits. (Dec 1995)
  • Voted YES on repealing federal speed limits. (Jun 1995)

John Ashcroft on Drugs

  • Zealous proponent of the war on drugs. (Dec 2000)
  • Tougher anti-meth laws. (Nov 2000)
  • Voted YES on increasing penalties for drug offenses. (Nov 1999)
  • Voted YES on spending international development funds on drug control. (Jul 1996)

John Ashcroft on Education

  • For Ed-Flex; against national testing. (Nov 2000)
  • Send “direct checks” to local school districts. (Sep 2000)
  • Voted YES on Educational Savings Accounts. (Mar 2000)
  • Voted YES on declaring that memorial prayers and religious symbols at sch. (May 1999)
  • Voted YES on allowing more flexibility in federal school rules. (Mar 1999)
  • Voted YES on education savings accounts. (Jun 1998)
  • Voted YES on school vouchers in DC. (Sep 1997)
  • Voted YES on $75M for abstinence education. (Jul 1996)

John Ashcroft on Energy & Oil

  • Voted YES on preserving budget for ANWR oil drilling. (Apr 2000)
  • Voted NO on ending discussion of CAFE fuel efficiency standards. (Sep 1999)
  • Voted YES on defunding renewable and solar energy. (Jun 1999)
  • Voted YES on approving a nuclear waste repository. (Apr 1997)

John Ashcroft on Environment

  • Voted YES on more funding for forest roads and fish habitat. (Sep 1999)
  • Voted YES on transportation demo projects. (Mar 1998)
  • Voted NO on reducing funds for road-building in National Forests. (Sep 1997)

John Ashcroft on Families & Children

  • Fight the assault on the American family. (Sep 2000)
  • Focus on kids: drug-free schools & good health care. (Sep 2000)
  • More parental involvement to reduce juvenile crime. (Sep 2000)
  • Voted NO on restricting violent videos to minors. (May 1999)

John Ashcroft on Foreign Policy

  • Vehement opponent of the expansion of NATO. (Nov 2000)
  • UN has no say in deployment of US forces. (Mar 1998)
  • Voted NO on killing a bill for trade sanctions if China sells weapons. (Sep 2000)
  • Voted YES on cap foreign aid at only $12.7 billion. (Oct 1999)
  • Voted YES on limiting the President's power to impose economic sanctions. (Jul 1998)
  • Voted YES on limiting NATO expansion to only Poland, Hungary & Czech. (Apr 1998)
  • Voted NO on $17.9 billion to IMF. (Mar 1998)
  • Voted YES on Strengthening of the trade embargo against Cuba. (Mar 1996)

John Ashcroft on Free Trade

  • Fair trade: partner with friends, challenge rivals. (Oct 1998)
  • Voted YES on permanent normal trade relations with China. (Sep 2000)
  • Voted YES on expanding trade to the third world. (May 2000)
  • Voted YES on renewing 'fast track' presidential trade authority. (Nov 1997)
  • Voted YES on imposing trade sanctions on Japan for closed market. (May 1995)

John Ashcroft on Government Reform

  • Make government smaller; cut corporate welfare. (Oct 1998)
  • Govt exists to help people prosper, not to grow govt. (Jun 1998)
  • Judicial activism means failing to defend the Constitution. (Mar 1997)
  • Voted NO on continuing funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. (Aug 1999)
  • Voted NO on favoring 1997 McCain-Feingold overhaul of campaign finance. (Oct 1997)
  • Voted YES on Approving the presidential line-item veto. (Mar 1996)
  • Voted YES on banning more types of Congressional gifts. (Jul 1995)

John Ashcroft on Gun Control

  • Unequivocal individual gun rights, but restrictions ok. (Jul 2001)
  • Cut record-keeping to one day for background checks. (Jun 2001)
  • Tough penalties for gun crimes, but allow concealed carry. (Dec 2000)
  • Voted NO on background checks at gun shows. (May 1999)
  • Voted YES on more penalties for gun & drug violations. (May 1999)
  • Voted YES on loosening license & background checks at gun shows. (May 1999)
  • Voted YES on maintaining current law: guns sold without trigger locks. (Jul 1998)

John Ashcroft on Health Care

  • Voted against penalties on tobacco companies. (Dec 2000)
  • Medicare lockbox; more funding too. (Nov 2000)
  • $150M for basic health care for uninsured. (Sep 2000)
  • Voted NO on including prescription drugs under Medicare. (Jun 2000)
  • Voted YES on limiting self-employment health deduction. (Jul 1999)
  • Voted NO on increasing tobacco restrictions. (Jun 1998)
  • Voted YES on banning human cloning. (Feb 1998)
  • Voted YES on Medicare means-testing. (Jun 1997)
  • Voted NO on medical savings acounts. (Apr 1996)

John Ashcroft on Homeland Security

  • Voted NO on adopting the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. (Oct 1999)
  • Voted YES on allowing another round of military base closures. (May 1999)
  • Voted YES on cutting nuclear weapons below START levels. (May 1999)
  • Voted YES on deploying National Missile Defense ASAP. (Mar 1999)
  • Voted YES on military pay raise of 4.8%. (Feb 1999)
  • Voted YES on deploying missile defense as soon as possible. (Sep 1998)
  • Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex basic training. (Jun 1998)
  • Voted NO on favoring 36 vetoed military projects. (Oct 1997)
  • Voted NO on banning chemical weapons. (Apr 1997)
  • Voted YES on considering deploying NMD, and amending ABM Treaty. (Jun 1996)
  • Voted YES on 1996 Defense Appropriations. (Sep 1995)

John Ashcroft on Immigration

  • Voted YES on allowing more foreign workers into the U.S. for farm work. (Jul 1998)
  • Voted YES on visas for skilled workers. (May 1998)
  • Voted YES on limit welfare for immigrants. (Jun 1997)

John Ashcroft on Jobs

  • More focus on agricultural trade abroad. (Nov 2000)
  • Voted YES on killing an increase in the minimum wage. (Nov 1999)
  • Voted YES on allowing workers to choose between overtime & comp-time. (May 1997)
  • Voted YES on replacing farm price supports. (Feb 1996)

John Ashcroft on Principles & Values

  • Ashcroft: Songwriter & member of The Singing Senators. (Apr 2004)
  • Clarke: illusion of security over civil liberties. (Mar 2004)
  • Common-sense conservative. (Jan 2001)
  • Law is supreme, above his personal beliefs. (Jan 2001)
  • Clinton should fully disclose about Monica & resign if true. (Mar 1998)
  • Religious affiliation: Assembly of God. (Nov 2000)

John Ashcroft on Social Security

  • Repeal the Social Security Earnings Test. (Nov 2000)
  • Architect of the Social Security lockbox. (Nov 2000)
  • Voted YES on using the Social Security Surplus to fund tax reductions. (Jul 1999)
  • Voted YES on Social Security Lockbox & limiting national debt. (Apr 1999)
  • Voted YES on allowing Roth IRAs for retirees. (May 1998)
  • Voted YES on allowing personal retirement accounts. (Apr 1998)
  • Voted YES on deducting Social Security payments on income taxes. (May 1996)

John Ashcroft on Tax Reform

  • Eliminate marriage penalty; target child credits. (Nov 2000)
  • Eliminate marriage penalty; make IRS more accountable. (Nov 2000)
  • Cut tax rates to 10% for middle class & 25% maximum. (Oct 1998)
  • Abolish the death tax & other taxes as part of $1.7T tax cut. (Oct 1998)
  • Voted YES on eliminating the 'marriage penalty'. (Jul 2000)
  • Voted YES on phasing out the estate tax ("death tax"). (Jul 2000)
  • Voted YES on across-the-board spending cut. (Oct 1999)
  • Voted YES on $792B tax cuts. (Jul 1999)
  • Voted YES on requiring super-majority for raising taxes. (Apr 1998)
  • Voted YES on FY99 tax cuts. (Apr 1998)

John Ashcroft on War & Peace

  • Push anti-terrorism laws despite Congressional skepticism. (Nov 2001)
  • Voted YES on allowing all necessary forces and other means in Kosovo. (May 1999)
  • Voted NO on authorizing air strikes in Kosovo. (Mar 1999)
  • Voted YES on ending the Bosnian arms embargo. (Jul 1995)
  • Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. (Nov 1995)

John Ashcroft on Welfare & Poverty

  • Allow states to contract with charitable organizations. (Nov 2000)
  • Charitable Choice helps break cycle of poverty. (Sep 2000)
  • Voted YES on welfare block grants. (Aug 1996)
  • Voted NO on eliminating block grants for food stamps. (Jul 1996)
  • Voted YES on allowing state welfare waivers. (Jul 1996)
  • Voted YES on welfare overhaul. (Sep 1995)