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Republican Challenger:
John Raese on the Issues

John Raese on Abortion

  • Life begins at conception. (May 2006)
  • Ban cloning - science should not play God. (May 2006)
  • Embryonic stem cell research no; umbilical stem cells yes. (May 2006)

John Raese on Budget & Economy

No stance on record.

John Raese on Civil Rights

  • Marriage is between a man and a woman. (May 2006)

John Raese on Corporations

  • Roll back regulations to spur business and job growth. (May 2006)

John Raese on Crime

  • Supports death penalty for federal crimes. (Aug 2006)

John Raese on Drugs

  • Mandatory jail sentences for selling illegal drugs. (Aug 2006)

John Raese on Education

  • Vouchers ok for public, private, & religious schools. (Aug 2006)
  • Vouchers let all families choose like wealthy families. (May 2006)
  • Break education monopoly; competition will improve schools. (May 2006)

John Raese on Energy & Oil

  • Develop oil & coal; drill ANWR. (Aug 2006)

John Raese on Environment

No stance on record.

John Raese on Families & Children

No stance on record.

John Raese on Foreign Policy

No stance on record.

John Raese on Free Trade

  • Suports NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT. (Aug 2006)

John Raese on Government Reform

  • Increase limits on donations to political campaigns. (Aug 2006)
  • Supports line-item veto to reduce deficit. (May 2006)

John Raese on Gun Control

  • Disarming citizens makes them less safe. (May 2006)

John Raese on Health Care

  • Free market is best approach for affordable health care. (May 2006)
  • Supports Health Savings Accounts. (May 2006)

John Raese on Homeland Security

  • Military tribunals & phone taps ok for war on terror. (Aug 2006)
  • We were weak on 9/11 & we must never allow that again. (May 2006)

John Raese on Immigration

  • Oppose amnesty; patrol borders; establish official English. (Aug 2006)

John Raese on Jobs

  • Reduce government regulation of private sector employment. (Aug 2006)

John Raese on Principles & Values

No stance on record.

John Raese on Social Security

  • Self-investing in private accounts ok. (Aug 2006)

John Raese on Tax Reform

  • Supports tax cuts to spur economic growth and job growth. (May 2006)
  • Supports flat tax or national sales tax. (May 2006)

John Raese on War & Peace

  • Iraq exit strategy: We win, they lose. (Aug 2006)
  • Donít cut-and-run in Iraq. (May 2006)

John Raese on Welfare & Poverty

  • Direct federal poverty aid through religious organizations. (Aug 2006)