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Missouri Politicians on the Issues
    Former candidates & officeholders:

  • Pat Danner  Former Democratic Representative (MO-6)

  • Bob Holden  Former Democratic MO Governor

  • Bill Emerson  Former Republican Representative (MO-8)

  • Dick Gephardt  Former Democratic Representative (MO-3); Former Democratic Candidate for President

  • Mel Hancock  Former Republican Representative (MO-7)

  • Karen McCarthy  Former Democratic Representative (MO-5)

  • Nancy Farmer  2004 former Democratic Senate Challenger (MO)

  • John Ashcroft  Former Attorney General; Former Republican Senator (MO)

  • Jean Carnahan  Former Democratic Jr Senator (MO)

  • Mel Carnahan  Governor & 2000 Democratic Challenger for Senate (MO)-Deceased 2000

  • Jim Talent  Republican Senator; previously Representative (MO-2)