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New York Politicians on the Issues
    Former candidates & officeholders:

  • George Pataki  Republican NY Governor

  • Michael Forbes  Former Republican Representative (NY-1)

  • Benjamin Gilman  Former Republican Representative (NY-20)

  • Felix Grucci  Former Republican Representative (NY-1)

  • Amo Houghton  Former Republican/Conservative Representative (NY-29)

  • Sue Kelly  Former Republican/Conservative Representative (NY-19, 1995-2007)

  • Rick Lazio  Former Republican/Conservative Representative (NY-2)

  • Major Owens  Former Democrat/Working-Families Representative (NY-11, 1983-2007)

  • Jack Quinn  Former Republican/Ind./Cons. Representative (NY-27)

  • John Sweeney  Former Republican/Conservative Representative (NY-20, 1999-2007)

  • Eliot Spitzer  Former Democrat

  • Sherry Boehlert  Former Republican/Independence Representative (NY-24, retired 2006)

  • Daniel Frisa  Former Republican Representative (NY-4)

  • John LaFalce  Former Democrat/Ind./Lib. Representative (NY-29)

  • Susan Molinari  Former Republican Representative (NY-13)

  • Bill Paxon  Former Republican Representative (NY-27)

  • Gerald Solomon  Former Republican Representative (NY-22)

  • Andrew Cuomo  2002 Democratic Challenger NY Governor

  • Carl McCall  2002 Democratic Challenger NY Governor

  • Ed Cox  Former Republican Challenger (withdrew Jan. 2006)

  • Abe Hirschfeld  2004 former Builders Party Senate challenger (NY)

  • Howard Mills  2004 former Republican Senate challenger (NY)

  • Marilyn O'Grady  2004 former Conservative Party challenger for Senate (NY)

  • David McReynolds  2004 former Green Senate challenger (NY); previous Socialist for Pres.  Former Republican Challenger

  • Al D'Amato  Former Republican Senator (NY)

  • Pat Moynihan  Former Democratic Senator (NY)

  • Howie Hawkins  Green Challenger

  • KT McFarland  Republican Challenger

  • Jeanine Pirro  Republican challenger; District Attorney

  • John Spencer  Republican Challenger, previously Mayor of Yonkers